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Nice to Meet You…

A little bit about the voices you’re reading.

Hi, I'm Cheryl, and I grew up on the east coast of the USA... my childhood years were spent on the North Shore of Boston, and I went to high school in Miami, Florida. I was pretty much a city girl. I loved the water, music, sports, and reading.

Randy, on the other hand, grew up right in the middle of the USA (Missouri to be exact)... in a very small town.  He went to school in a two room schoolhouse and then moved on to high school in the nearest "city".  Randy was a small town boy with big dreams.  He loved reading, playing baseball, watching baseball and collecting baseball cards.

Who would have thought that two such different people would meet... never mind that they would one day celebrate forty-one years of marriage; they, also, were blessed with two awesome children... one of whom lives on the East Coast and the other on the West Coast.


Cheryl and I started Desired Haven Ministries, Inc. in 2008, while she simultaneously was serving as the Project Manager for the Theology of Work Project, Inc., also known as TOW. ( Our focus in the early years of our ministry has been on workers and faith at work. You can see that focus in our first website for Madetomatter (; in my devotions for Our Daily Bread Ministries over the past 8 years; in six volumes of Bible studies for working Christians and in the collection of devotionals published by Discovery House. Madetomatter: Devotions for Working Christians.

Now God is moving us beyond our more narrow focus on workplace ministry, and calling us to spend more time writing for and ministering to the people who find it difficult to hear God’s voice amidst the struggles of life. This includes individuals and groups who find themselves marginalized by the increasingly harsh rhetoric of those purporting to speak for God and the church. With suicide rates increasing at dramatic rates, God is asking us to address some of the causes for the hopelessness that leads to this tragic action. For example, we'll be writing to answer the questions of Christians who are gay and find themselves rejected at a time when they most need to see and receive unconditional love, giving them hope that if their parents, family and friends still love them, then perhaps God does, too. We'll be writing what God teaches us about helping those with mental illness, with anxiety and depression and addictions. In everything, we are charged by God to remember not only the Gospel story, but also that help is not help and hope is not hope if it doesn't include a reminder that God loves every person, and that Jesus Christ knows their pain.

As has been the case from the start nearly two decades ago, Cheryl and I never charge for the writing, teaching, and ministry activities—precisely because we never want finances to be the reason someone can’t hear God’s hope as expressed in our service alongside Him. That means we’re completely dependent on gifts from people just like you. Would you help us reach the hurting today—we pledge to make every dollar count.